The Trouble with TQ - Winner of the Malibu West International Film Awards - The "Bigfoot Award"  - Best Documentary!


"The Trouble With TQ" did well at the Action On Film Festival in L.A.: 

Best Director - Documentary RUNNER-UP

Best Editing - Documentary RUNNER-UP


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Prodigal Altar Boy Films awarded the Knights of Peter Claver 2013 Service in the Community Award


"The film shares these exploits while putting more emphasis on his faith than his colorful methods. More than any of the publicity that has preceded it during the past 30 years, the film pictures the Rev. Thomas Quinlan as a man of fervent faith."

Mal Vincent, Entertainment Writer, Virginian-Pilot


IT IS TRUE. It is true of the man. True of the Church. True of his followers and true

of his enemies. It is true of the times. The content is on the mark. The portrait, while

very often not pretty, is always beautifully compelling and accurate.

Ed Murray, Charlottesville, VA


Having my family at the premier tonight was so special, but the movie brought me to tears. A packed house with lines outside of people hoping for tickets, all of us with a common love for TQ. What an amazing experience!

Ruthann Gray Grabowski



I started sobbing at one point, and my son put his arm around me. I think TQ will be a saint someday. Thank you for this film.

Ruthann Gray Grabowski

My wife and I watched it Monday night. What a terrific film! You did a magnificent

job writing, editing, creating, producing TQ’s amazing story.

Martin T. Walsh, Arlington, VA


"The Trouble with TQ" was superb! I was captivated how you showed how TQ's philosophy of humanity and self-identity is still needed today. In my little mind, his preaching of the "Good News" is ironically similar to Pope Francis; love for the poor and a desire for the church to be relevant and truthful in its teaching. The film was enjoyable, interesting, and made me think. It was excellent!

Linda & Garry Cooke, Norfolk, VA


Good work. We need more TQs with some creativity but the system is set up to kill them unless they have a very strong ego.

Michael McLaughlin


"You will love this. It is almost like having him sitting in our den ranting."

Mary McPhaul, Norfolk, VA


" did a great job presenting the world of TQ. It actually brought tears to my eyes."

Harold Neher, Poquoson, VA


"... informative and so brilliantly crafted. I thought I was a part of a Hollywood reality documentary. History channel here you come. 5 stars Definitely! "

Laura Knox, Westfield, MA


"Thanks again for a wonderful tribute to TQ, his spiritual journey, and his legacy in our community." - Joe Chop



 I honestly feel that I've listened to the Prophet Malachi, or Ezekiel!  The film is like an encounter.

Kathleen McBlair


"...the film was spot on and represented TQ at his best!  I commend you for a job well done."   - Charles Hoofnagle


Saw this last night at the Naro. We need more TQ's in this world. I had the privilege of knowing him. What a tribute last night and the choir from St. Mary's Basilica (that TQ helped to form) was the icing on the cake.

Susan Mayo


"Thank you for making this movie...I can't stop watching it and thinking about it." 

Monica Serra